Sectional valves stated in other words sectional directional control valves are highly flexible and have various auxiliary valves such as anti-shock, anti-cavitation, electro hydraulic pilot operated unloader, hydraulic pilot unloader etc. Generally sectional valves have check valve for each work section are from 1 to 12 sections with open center, closed center hydraulic circuits. Various sections used together such as series, parallel or tandem circuit valve. Also sectional valves may have intermediate pump and tank sections.

Between two sections it is possible to add pressure or flow compensator. As described above Sectional valves have various options when compared to monoblock valves. However there are some disadvantages of the sectional valves is lower working pressure when compared to monoblock valves. Sectional valves maximum working pressure should be 320 bar. Total sizes of the sectional valves are not as compact as monoblock valves, some space limited applications do not prefer big valves as sectional valves.